Writing a section 7 report social services

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Section 7 Reports

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Section 7 report

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This report can sometimes take 14 weeks to prepare, but if a judge is concerned about a child he can ask a report to be carried out sooner. The social worker will speak to you and will in most cases speak to the child/ren, but what they say and how they talk to the children will depend on the age of the children.

Child Law: What is a Section 7 (s7) Report? Our Middlesbrough Family Solicitor explains;- A court may ask the local authority for a welfare report when they are considering any private law application under the Children Act i.e.

an application for residence, /5(32). Sep 10,  · The report should conclude whether or not children services will take care or supervision order court proceedings or if not, what services, if any, will be offered to you and your family. The report will need to be filed at court and a. Writing section 7 reports can be challenging for social workers who have more experience of public than private law proceedings.

But the principles behind writing a good section 7 report are the same as for any other kind of court report – and taking an analytical approach can help with both quality and clarity. Hurt, confused and frustrated dad!

I was in court yesterday and I hardly got a look in before the legal clerk told me cafcass had issued a section 7 report and requested no contact between me and my daughter for 12 weeks while the report is made. Section 7 Reports A guide to welfare reports in private family Section 7 report writing.

Header: The Header of the document should include the case number (taken from the court order the name and address of the social worker/report author.

Writing a section 7 report social services
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Tips on writing an analytical section 7 report for private proceedings