Write service principal name

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Create an Azure service principal with Azure CLI

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Register a Service Principal Name for Kerberos Connections

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AD FS 0: How to Configure the SPN (servicePrincipalName) for the Service Account

This normative document defines terms used throughout the OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) specifications and related documents. A Service Principal Name (SPN) must be registered with Active Directory, which assumes the role of the Key Distribution Center in a Windows domain.

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The SPN, after it is registered, maps to the Windows account that started the SQL Server instance service. IAM JSON Policy Elements: Principal Use the Principal element to specify the user (IAM user, federated user, or assumed-role user), AWS account, AWS service, or other principal entity that is allowed or denied access to a resource.

You use the Principal element in the trust policies for IAM roles and in resource-based policies—that is, in policies that you embed directly in a resource.

Use Azure PowerShell to create a service principal with a certificate. 05/10/; 5 minutes to read Contributors. all; In this article. When you have an app or script that needs to access resources, you can set up an identity for the app and authenticate the app with its own credentials.

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Apr 13,  · Right-Click on the OU and select Properties Select the "Security" tab Select the "Advanced" tab Select the "Add" button Enter the security principal name security principal Ok Properties tab Apply to: Descendant User objects Permissions: Read servicePrincipalName - Allow Write servicePrincipalName - Allow Ok Ok Ok.

Write service principal name
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