Write array to csv php editor

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Array to Comma-Separated String in PHP

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While you have stumbled on case-vacanze-bologna-centro.com, you might be coming for a few different reasons. Some of you are interested in articles and resources on Christianity, music, worship and such. Parses a string input for fields in CSV format and returns an array containing the fields read.

Note. The locale settings are taken into account by this function. If LC_CTYPE is e.g. case-vacanze-bologna-centro.com-8, strings in one-byte encodings may be read wrongly by this function.

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Nov 14,  · To make this clean, you would have to. collect all keys from the array (foreach twice) build a second array with each restaurant (no subnodes) merge the keys array into that and THEN.

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@ChetanAmeta I think it's worth noting that using this solution, the order of the values does matter. If you end up with writing a value in a different order then the previous one, even though you used the same key, it will still come under the wrong header in the CSV.

EDIT - Regarding duplication:

I am programmatically exporting data (using PHP ) into case-vacanze-bologna-centro.com test file. Example data: Numéro 1 (note the accented e). The data is utf-8 (no prepended BOM).

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When I open this file in MS Excel is displays as Numéro I am able to open this in a text editor (UltraEdit) which displays it correctly.

Write array to csv php editor
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