Western legal tradition

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Law and Revolution, I

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A unique contribution to the history of the Western legal tradition. Harold Berman is a master at integrating detail with larger themes, presenting the material in a way that the point is never lost.

Western law

The Center for Western Civilization, Thought & Policy at the University of Colorado Boulder explores the culture, languages and ideas of the Western tradition.

Berman believes that the origin of the Western legal tradition in the sense of an autonomous sphere of social life with professional jurists, lawyers, etc.

is a result of the Papal Revolution and the attempts made within the universities at the time of the Papal Revolution to systematize Roman law through the Scholastic method of analysis and. Western law refers to the legal traditions of Western culture.

Western culture has an idea of the importance of law which has its roots in both Roman law and canon law.

Western culture

As Western culture has a Graeco-Roman Classical and Renaissance cultural influence, so does its legal systems. The roots of modern Western legal institutions and concepts go back nine centuries to the papal revolution, when the Western church established its political and legal unity and its independence from emperors, kings, and feudal lords.

Out of this upheaval came the Western idea of integrated legal systems developed over generations and centuries.

Western legal tradition
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