Pepsico inc cost of capital

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PepsiCo Inc.

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EA stock downgraded to sector weight at KeyBanc. KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Evan Wingren cut his rating on Electronic Arts Inc. shares to sector weight from overweight on Monday, writing that. PepsiCo calculates the divisional cost of capital for its snack, beverage, and restaurant organizations by first finding peer-group firms for each division and using their average betas, after adjusting for differences in financial leverage, to compute the division’s cost of equity%(4).

According to PepsiCo management, “The cost of capital is a weighting of the cost of debt and equity, with the latter representing a measure of expected returns to investors in PepsiCo's stock. PepsiCo estimates its current cost of capital to be approximately 11%.”.

Pepsico Inc Cost Of Capital Nike, IncCost of Capital Case 15 Financial Administration FINC Team 1 Fall October 8, Introduction Kimi Ford a portfolio manager at NorthPoint Group which is a mutual-fund management firm, is considering to buy some shares from Nike, inc even if it’s share price had declined from the beginning of the year, for the Northpoint Large-cap fund.

A Wall Street Journal article states, "At PepsiCo, Inc., cola was king, but it is quietly being dethroned." PepsiCo is composed of three lines of business: soft drinks, restaurants, and snack foods.

Using data from comparable pure-play companies, the student is asked to compute divisional costs of capital and see if they can be reconciled with. Zacks is the leading investment research firm focusing on stock research, analysis and recommendations. Gain free stock research access to stock picks, stock .

Pepsico inc cost of capital
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PepsiCo cost of equity capital; Expected alpha in Davita's fund