Legal young drivers and the law

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Nevada Teen Driving

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The Fallout Legal Consequences of Alcoholism

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You can speak to us in English or ask for an interpreter. In addition, arrested drivers may have their cars impounded under state law. In most cases, only repeat offenders will have their cars impounded. Vehicle impoundment usually occurs through a separate administrative process and not as a penalty in the criminal court case.

Young drivers tend to overestimate their driving abilities and underestimate the dangers on the road.

Graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws reduce this risk by making sure teens gradually build up driving experience under lower-risk conditions as they mature and develop skills.

Teens > Know the Law > Other Laws. Here are some other laws about alcohol, drugs, and driving for those under age You must be 21 before you can buy or drink alcoholic beverages.

It is against the law for anyone to sell or give alcoholic beverages to you or to let you drink with him or her in a bar or a store.

Young drivers tend to overestimate their driving abilities and underestimate the dangers on the road. Graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws reduce this risk by making sure teens gradually build up driving experience under lower.

Teens 16–17 years old with a valid out of state driver license. Apply for your WA license at an'll need to: Bring your Traffic Safety Education certificate to show you've passed the course.

Legal young drivers and the law
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