India nepal similarities

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India–Nepal relations

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What are some similarities and differences between nepal and bhutan?

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Mar 01,  · After reading some comments on the other thread about differences between nepali and indian, I have come to the conclusion that there are more similarities between nepalis and indians. These are only similarities of the general nepali and indian population.

Hinduism and Sikhism

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India is a Republic, which means that here all the decisions are made by the representatives elected by the public under and within a set of fundamental, written rules called the "constitution".

Nepal Nepal is very mountainous and hilly. Roughly rectangular in shape, about kilometer long and about kilometer wide, Nepal is the third biggest country in South Asia, with an area ofsquare kilometer of is a land-locked country, surrounded by India on three sides and by China's Xizang Autonomous Region (Tibet) to the north.

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India nepal similarities
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