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Coffee Club

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Coffee Club Pte Ltd

O' Coffee Club (commonly known as Coffee Club) is a Singaporean coffee house and restaurant chain. The chain was founded in Holland Village in as a 2-storey establishment and has since expanded to 23 outlets in Singapore, 6 in Malaysia and 4 in Indonesia.

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Nov 24,  · reviews of Trouble Coffee Company "Came here for the fancy toasts. It was a great decision. The servers are sassy which is pretty funny - we came in a group of ~8 people, and we all ordered toasts.

A lot of us ordered the peanut butter. Find the best Cafes & Coffee in Club Street, Singapore. Search by location, price and more, such as Club Street Social, (Ann Siang Hill), Da Paolo HQ (Club Street), based on millions of reviews from our food loving community.

COFFEE CLUB PTE LTD - Coffee Club Pte Ltd, an ISO and HACCP certified company established sincetakes pride in setting the standards with our mission to remain the leading café chain in Singapore offering gourmet food and coffee with excellent customer service.

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Best Cafes & Coffee in Club Street, Singapore, 2018

Join us and prepare to Drink Better Coffee.

Coffee club in singapore
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